We increasingly lead busy and stressful lives. Come along and treat yourself to 90 delicious minutes of yoga. Sue is an experienced teacher and specialises in yoga, remedial yoga and stretch therapy. Learn simple classical techniques in order to stop the chatter in the mind, stretch the kinks out of the body and relax. Develop and integrate your practice into your every-day life, and learn how to ‘be here now.


A little about Sue Kelso

On an impulse I enrolled in a term of yoga classes and have been practicing yoga ever since. I have been privileged to have some wonderful and gracious teachers cross my path and guide my practice. I often describe yoga as ice-cream, its all ice-cream, its just about working out which flavour works for you.

Teachers & influences
As my first teacher, Diana Jarrett fuelled my desire to practise and seek more. Ailsa Gartenstein mentored me through my teacher training and I qualified as a yoga teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). Wanting to learn more I qualified as a Remedial Yoga Teacher through the Yoga for Health Foundation.

Impulses feature frequently in my life and it was on impulse that I attended a Kit Laughlin workshop in Brisbane and subsequently became a Stretch Therapy – Stretch Teacher.

On the strength of an email from Kit, and a desire for a weekend at the beach with the promise of great fish and chips, I headed off to a workshop at Batemans Bay and met Lawrence Graziose (Zen Buddhist Dharma Teacher) and have been a student ever since.

Enjoy your Yoga