As some of you may know, in October I started a 90 day meditation / sitting ‘challenge’ suggested by the wonderful Dave Wardman and the lovely Cherie Seeto.In the spirit of this, during the last term of yoga we talked about the possibility of using the New Year to commence daily meditation practise.

Well, New Year is upon us and I would like to suggest you give yourself the gift of a daily meditation / sitting practise. If you prefer, find a ‘meditation buddy’ which may assist with discipline, consistency and commitment (a meditation buddy can be like a training buddy, they keep you on track and honest – no cheating or missing a training session).

If you are worried about your mind or struggle with the ‘monkey mind / monkey chatter’ then my suggestion would be to try the alternate nostril breath (nadi shodhana pranayama) to start with at the beginning of your meditation practise.

If you’re into New Years Resolutions, then put this one at the top of your list.

Happy New Year & Happy Meditating