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Welcome to Yoga with a Twist. If you’ve ever thought about attending a yoga class, perhaps wondered what this is like, this could be for you. Based in North Brisbane and specialising in yoga, remedial yoga, meditation and stretch therapy. Come along and learn to breathe, stretch and relax. Beginners are welcome. Bookings essential.

COVID–19 Update

Thanks & Gratitude

To everyone who supported and continue to support Yoga with a Twist (me, Sue Kelso) and Stafford Heights Community Education – THANK YOU!!

We’re pleased to announce that COVID-19 Safe Yoga Classes will re-commence on Tuesday 28 July 2020 and Wednesday 29 July 2020.

The Stafford Heights Stretch Therapy Classes remain on hiatus at this time.

I will continue to offer Yoga, Meditation and Stretch Therapy classes via Facebook (as per the existing arrangements).

It’s been challenging and a steep learning curve, however this is when technology really comes into its own.

These classes can be done in your own home when the class goes live or alternatively at a time that suits you.

Stay tuned for updates and posts regarding offerings.

We’ll keep you up to date regarding future face-to-face Yoga, Meditation and Stretch Therapy Classes as and when we receive relevant Government information, advice and instruction.

Stay safe and well, patient, generous and kind.



Stretch Therapy | Yoga | Meditation

Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is safe, efficient body work which will help you experience ‘grace and ease’ in daily life.

Stretch Therapy was founded by Kit Laughlin, author of Overcome Neck and Back Pain, Stretching and Flexibility, Stretching and Pregnancy.

The key principle of Stretch Therapy is that the body mind complex is more than the sum of its parts – wholistic.

Techniques include, contract-relax, pulsing, long-holds, micro-movements, directed breathing and more.

This method of body work is extremely accessible.

Sue has studied and trained under Kit Laughlin for 20 years.


Pranayama, Asana, Yoga Nidra
Breathe, Stretch, Relax

We increasingly lead busy and stressful lives.  Yoga is an antidote to our everyday busyness.

I trained with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA), Yoga for Health Australia (Remedial Yoga) and Kit Laughlin, Stretch Therapy and teach integrative, classical Hatha Yoga.

Learn simple, classical techniques in order to stop the chatter in the mind, stretch the ‘kinks’ out of the body and relax.

Develop and integrate your practice into your everyday life and learn how to ‘be here now.’


I have been meditating for about 20 years and studied with a number of teachers and different meditation techniques including Vipassana (Goenka tradition).

Meditation is similar to developing a muscle, you need to put in the effort, practise, discipline and consistency.

In the meditation classes you will learn how to ‘sit’ and stretches to enable you to sit comfortably.  You will also be able to explore different meditation techniques to find one that resonates with you.

The key is to develop your own daily personal practise.

even the softest water will wear away the hardest rock.’ Unknown

Live Classes Return

Live COVID-19 Safe Yoga Classes will recommence on 28 July 2020 and 29 July 2020

About Sue

On an impulse I enrolled in a term of yoga classes and have been practicing yoga ever since. I’ve been privileged to have some wonderful and gracious teachers cross my path and guide my practice. I often describe yoga as ice-cream, it’s all ice-cream, it’s just about working out which flavour works for you.

Teachers & influences

Through my first teacher Diana Jarrett, I met Ailsa Gartenstein who mentored me through my teacher training and I qualified as a yoga teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) 20 years ago.  With a strong desire to offer safe and effective options for students I qualified as a Remedial Yoga Teacher through the Yoga for Health Foundation.

Meeting Kit Laughlin, the founder of Stretch Therapy, was a real turning point both personally and professionally – I personally use Stretch Therapy for functional flexibility and grace and ease in the body.  I also integrate the Stretch Therapy techniques into my yoga and meditation classes as it’s a brilliant ‘fit’ and provides options for all students.

I’m a Stretch Therapy Teacher having studied and trained under Kit Laughlin for almost 20 years now.

It was through Kit that I met Lawrence Graziose (Kwan Um School of Zen and Enneagram, Dharma Teacher) and became a student.

Stafford State School

Blog Articles

Meditation Practice

My teacher Lawrence has a saying ‘even the softest water will eventually wear away the hardest rock.’ So practice, even if it is only a few minutes, first thing in the morning to set up the day and last thing in the evening to finish off the day. Consistency is the...


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