Stretch Therapy

Enjoy unprecedented freedom to move. Brisbane-based Stretch Therapy classes.

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Bring grace and ease to your every day

Take your flexibility to the next level.

Stretch Therapy’s benefits are life-changing.

You’ll enjoy unprecedented freedom to move through safe and efficient body work.

Never been to a Stretch Therapy class?

Don’t worry. Almost anyone can do Stretch Therapy. No experience is necessary.

Techniques used include contract-relax, pulsing, long-holds, micro-movements and directed breathing.

Stretch Therapy’s founder is Kit Laughlin.  He based the method on a core principle. That the body-mind complex is more than the sum of its parts. He also wrote Overcome Neck and Back Pain, Stretching and Flexibility, and Stretching and Pregnancy.

Yoga With a Twist founder, Sue Kelso, studied and trained under Kit for more than 20 years.

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